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Originally Posted by cn555ic View Post
I want this flash so bad but I am going to wait for the "in house flash" that Shiv said would eventually come out....I want to be able to dial it in myself and not have it pig rich but some median would be nice.. Pits200 my fuel trims at WOT on reaches about 20-22% max with a M10 meth nozzle in the mix. A/F hovers around 12.2-12.8 which is actually pretty perfect. If you had these variables would you still get the flash? I just took the car out for a full run after changing out my LP sensor and the car is working flawlessly. I just want to have richer A/F for when my nitrous is used, and would this flash be too much for normal usuage without nitrous?
I mean, being a little too rich even when off nitrous isn't a big deal, you're losing a couple horses and losing some gas mileage but I don't think it's detrimental to the car.

Shiv will probably address this with the flash running a little rich in the near future and whats the converse side, running lean. I'm pretty sure most of us would rather run rich than lean so I would have to definitely say you should get the flash if you ran into my circumstances:

1.) Fueling was hitting 34% at wot on multiple occasions running 18psi and 0 ign corr. Yours isn't, so tha tis going to have to be your call.

2.) I had ol fueling set at 100% prior to flash and had no more upward movement, I'm not sure what you have yours set at.

3.) I was hitting 34% even when running a 50/50 meth mix prior to the flash.

So in your case it doesn't seem a flash is essential unless you want it for meth or higher e85 content.