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Originally Posted by Killerx View Post
Im sorry, they do have spectre I just checked out Yorks box, I was wrong, still doesnt detect it so unless it was faulty, its still not detecting it. I will provide pics from the unit tomorrow to show Im not lying :P.

Running one of those products are $600.00 - $2000.00 !!!

This guy has had this hooked up for the past 4 years, everyday on the 400 series highway. so your telling me that it was just "luck" that no Police have pulled him over? Kinda interesting dont you think?

Im telling you this from experience, not something I read online lol The guy might even still have my receipt to show the date purchased and it hasent left the dashboard.

Like I said, sensible people know this is illegal and your taking a risk using it.

Either the unit is Spectre 4 undetectable (latest version used here) or it is just "luck". Perhaps it is undetectable and the product statistics that were posted up earlier are wrong?