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Quick Review of Cyba and the new 4.0 CF tips

When I saw this a couple of months ago:
I said: Man that's sweet!

So I contacted Cyba and found out that they just sold the last ones and so production for the new sets was gonna take a month's time. 1 month turned into 6 weeks but I was patient enough and Derek was very good at keeping in touch with me about its production time frame. Just when I thought I was going to have to pick another tip, they contacted me and said they were in! I immediately made the payment and within 2 weeks it arrived on my front door step. It was from Taiwan. The tips were immaculate. The dry CF was very nice and the tips were just very well made, even the little torx bolts gave it some dimension.
I got it put on by a local muffler shop (Pronto Muffler for all you DFW folks) and they did a very nice job. They knew I was very meticulous about how much it stuck out, and that left and right had to be even looking. They were patient with me. So $40 bucks later here it is:

I thought about quads but I just did a LCI rear conversion all OEM and I have heard too many stories of quad diffuser not fitting properly so I played it safe and kept this OEM diffuser...I'm adding the CF plate from BMW soon. And to finish the rear off a CF Perfomance Spoiler.

Thanks Derek!