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How many miles does your N55 have?

Hey guys, i'm on here at least once a day....and it's always the same threads over and over again. "Should I get a tune?" "How much HP does "blank" add?". So I thought why not make a fun thread to see how many miles ppl have racked up on their N55 engines?

Post up your miles with your mods and what problems you've had "if any".

Obviously I'll go first.

2011 Alpine white M-Sport fully loaded
18,XXX miles on the ODO
Jb4, CP, DP, Intake since 14,XXX miles
HPFP failed once around 10,XXX miles


Hey everyone, I had made this thread like a year and a half ago. I thought I would bring it back and see where everyone stands today?

If you sold your car? If not how many miles do you have now? What other problems have came up?

I added one thing to my mods since I had made this thread, which is the BMW performance exhaust, the rest is the same. No major problems...KNOCK ON WOOD! Ohh and I got the Arkym front lip and a Duke Dynamics quad diffuser.

Car is at 32,XXX miles and still loving it!
2011 Alpine White E92 335i M-Sport N55 Engine

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