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Originally Posted by OldArmy
I feel for the vast majority of Muslims who abhor the hijacking of their religion, I really do. But facts are facts and the radicals have the steering wheel and have established themselves as the face of Islam. If moderates don't like their actions it would be nice to hear from them, en masse. Perhaps they might even kill a few radicals here and there to send a message. But in the meantime, Islam and Muslims are a very real danger to western countries and they have to be dealt with.
Listen to yourself. " If you don't like the situation kill them." Look at your username , too one dimensional to go on any further. How could anyone have a discussion with you?

Unfortunately, oldarmy and other foxnewsers don't get out of their comfort zone to realize that these attacks WERE condemned by many bodies of authority in the Muslim world.

I would also challenge you to provide one example of how Islam is incompatible with the west based on what's in the Quran. Anyone.

Because the same ideas are in Judaism and Christianity. Know why? They are both simply named Judaism and Christianity when in fact those three religions ARE Islam. true submission to God IS Islam.

I really would like to hear more from ppl here as most ppl disregard religion especially those outside what they've been brought up as.