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Originally Posted by spool twice View Post
you'r ignition timing curve has a couple drops, the car isn't liking it.

what is your Open Fuel Loop setting set at? the OL setting is either set too low, or you don't have enough E85 or enough octane for the boost levels.

For comparison, here is what a healthy timing curve looks like:
Yea i was surprised by drops, never had those before with m E85 mixes. Maybe didnt have enough adaption, i dont know....

Open loop is on auto with the default settings. Map5 should auto adjust but my 93 octane with 5 gallons of E85 usually works good.

Originally Posted by Quebequer View Post
This, and fuel trims are high. You should try to raise open loop.
Its on the default settings, which i think is auto adjusting?
I see the trims are passing 50 which is high. wonder if i should set it manually.