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thanks for the replies!

yes, the harness i have grabs the underseat signal through factory plugs. if i could avoid it, i'd rather not tear the dash apart to install a new harness, but i might.

i only have one amp, an arc mini 125.4, & components are morel dotechs.

i did replace the rears with a set of coaxials with higher sensitivity, infiniti kappa 42.9i's. this wasn't part of the kit as you already know.

honestly, the reason i'm pondering this idea is because i had some passengers in my back seat recently & one asked to turn the bass down and the other told me to check my connections in the rear because the rears aren't playing any sound. this made me laugh a bit since amp gain is all the way down & bass is set just couple licks past center. no complaints obviously from me or the front passenger. it sounds damn good now though. my friends with their logic7's now think their audio could use some improvement.

i just finished the install a day prior to my original post date. this new harness that would get me fade with the 6ch amp, i assume that the dash needs to come out? or can you make an add-on harness to what i already installed? if you could pm me some prices & swap options, i would appreciate it.

i guess y-cable off the front rca's into a cheaper amp isn't a good idea? would it ruin the sound stage even with lower power?

thanks again
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