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I deal with insurance adjusters all the time in my job. You have to understand that the insurance companies scrape the bottom of the barrel to hire these people, and then train them to believe that everybody is a fraud, nobody has a legitimate claim, and that only the profits of the insurance company are material. There are some decent older adjusters . but when you get the young ones just out of school, you are generally dealing with people who could not make it in a real job and use these jobs as some sort of power trips.

In Florida, if your insurance company tries to screw you . . hire a lawyer. Even if you are arguing over just a few hundred dollars, they can end up paying your attorney tens of thousands if they lose the case. Insurance companies routinely try to save about 30% off what they should legitimately paying. Again, they are the bottom of the barrel. Remember that and although you may want to treat them respectfully to get the best service, never forget who and what you are dealing with.