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looks great, Only thing that sucks in my opinion is the fact that the twins have to be internally waste gated, One of the biggest reasons i bought the single 62/62 is because its running a 44mm external, and when you hit boost with an external waste gate, the noise of god happens, haha, and someone wrote that shiv dyno'd 620-630 rwhp with the single but was pushing the fuel system, that wasn't the case, from what i know, the reason he stopped at 630rwhp on the youtube video is due to the fact that he didnt have the 3 bar map sensor, so he couldnt go over 22.5 psi. and the fact that he wasnt sure what the motor could take, he did say for sure that i could get 750 rwhp out of my 62/62 kit with no problem, as long as i didnt mind risking what the motor could handle. But congrats on the twin setup in progress, stage 3 looks awesomeee, wish the best of luck!