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concerns about 335i

ok so i joined this forum about 1 month ago.... I visit the site fairly frequently and it has just made me extremely paranoid about my car breaking down. I find myself constantly thinking let this not be the day that my car breaks down. Is it just me? I fixed the transmission pan and sleeve seal a couple of weeks back and now i am paranoid that its leaking again!
I dont know if i think this car is very unreliable or if this feeling comes from being on this site too much... what do you guys think?

also... does anybody have a 335i with more than 100000 miles... or know anyone... from what ive read in this forum i feel everything breaks down before than.... and everyone talks about selling their car before reaching this... coming from a 01 celica that had 180000 and never gave me one problem i feel like 100,000 is nothing...