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Originally Posted by ~XxTeexX~
First off im overwhelmed with all your guys repsonses, thanks for following and supporting my build as its been about 2 years (53k) without a debead from the stretch nor a curb rash. Its my daily and got 32k flipped out of my last set of rear handcocks.

My specs and what i did to make it work.

Wheels: WORK Brombachers special edition red VS cap 5x114.4 redrilled to 5x120 by supreme powers
Specs : Front 19x10.5 +15 235.35 @ -2.8 15mm poke
Rears 19x12.5 +27 275.30 @ -2.5 25mm poke (shaved fenders)
Suspension: Fk highsport coilovers, removed the soft default coils now using
eibach Fronts 2.5ID/7in/450lbs(8kg/mm) Rears 2.5 ID/8in/950lbs(17kg/mm)
Ground control Front street camber plates 14mm piston with 2.5 collar.

Theres so much front gap which is driving me crazy. I might throw a 245.30 in there or just rebarrel the fronts to a 11.5 +7 with a 255.30. My next tweak will include a 900/1500lbs rates as I got used to the feel on these and want something stiffer.

About the rolling shots, whips&chocolate wants to feature me so well see now that goes :P.
Thanks again everyone, and kevin lacs/kevin moto..Ill text you guys to bump my thread if it drops tooooo far, this will prevent me from starting another thread cause im a attention whore. But so far these babies been bumping themselves lol
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