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Headlight "Module" burnout-HELP!!

So I have a cracked driver's side headlight which apparently got moisture inside. Everything worked perfectly even when it fogged up until one day the xenon light went out. I relpaced the bulb but still no go. So I removed the headlight and found this corroded "chip" or "module" idk what it is and cant find it anywhere! not on tisher's diagrams or other websites. Anyone have any suggestions or ideas of what it is or where to get it??

I posted some pics. The green one is the one I see damaged (and cover is broken as you can see). I cant find the name for it or another picture of it anywhere. The red seems to be the Control Unit for Xenon Headlight, or the Control Mudule as Tisher puts it. That one seems fine and no cracks, cuts, corrosion etc.

I recently bought a new headlight thinking it came with these but did not. I do not want to place these in to "try it out" as it may damage the new headlight.

Also an error code popped up when the Xenon went out.
I kno there's duct tape, it was only temporary, dont judge me.

Thanks everyone!!
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