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Thanks for the heads up Wedge1967! Didn't know about that. Unfortunately, I don't have access to e85 here.

As for Start Boost, I plan to ramp it up to possibly 50 or 60% with my current set up (FBO with stock exhaust). I would continue to log to check on any other possible issue.

On another note, if you have a look on the above snapshots, there is timing drop during 3rd gear WOT in the following period:

1. First Log - between 154s and 155s - 3.5 deg drop
2. Second Log - between 234s and 236s - 4 deg drop

I would appreciate if you could help me with the below as I'm not entirely sure about them.

1. I presumed the above timing drop is acceptable?
2. At what magnitude of drop should I be concerned? I searched through the thread and I couldn't find a definite number for that.
3. How many timing drop is acceptable during WOT? Obviously I will try to minimize that, but is one or two timing drops with 3-4 deg for each drop still acceptable?

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OL shouldn't effect mid range AFR's. The only time OL would effect AFR is if you max your trims and run lean due to a lack of fuel.

Make sure you downloaded the correct aggressive beta. There are two versions. One for pump fuel and one for e85 mix. If you have access to e85 and you're going to the strip I would recommend running the e85 tune so you can run higher boost and timing advance. Make sure you follow the directions because if you're not on the correct firmware you can have issues like this with the map you're running.

Just an FYI, if you run the e85 tune, make sure you're tank is low and put 7 to 8 gal of e85 in and then top off with premium. Drive about a mile before putting your car into map1. It will take that long for the ethanol level in your fuel to increase to the injectors. Make sure you do three to four 3rd gear pulls at WOT before logging to allow adaptation.

Log 3rd gear from 2500 rpm with traction and stability disabled. Make sure your pulls run into 4th gear for a bit to get the transition from third to fourth gear. Once you see everything is in order, start moving your start boost up by 5 and log your run to make sure everything looks good. You should be able to run your start boost to 100% if everything looks good, but again take it slow because you may need to make a few other changes along the way if you start maxing trims or having timing issues.