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You shouldn't be seeing timing drops. You may want to drop back to Stage 2 and see if you still get the timing drops. Could be the fuel. What octane are you running? Do you have access to Methanol? Methanol / Water injection would help with your octane if you don't have a good source of high quality fuel.

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Thanks for the heads up Wedge1967! Didn't know about that. Unfortunately, I don't have access to e85 here.

As for Start Boost, I plan to ramp it up to possibly 50 or 60% with my current set up (FBO with stock exhaust). I would continue to log to check on any other possible issue.

On another note, if you have a look on the above snapshots, there is timing drop during 3rd gear WOT in the following period:

1. First Log - between 154s and 155s - 3.5 deg drop
2. Second Log - between 234s and 236s - 4 deg drop

I would appreciate if you could help me with the below as I'm not entirely sure about them.

1. I presumed the above timing drop is acceptable?
2. At what magnitude of drop should I be concerned? I searched through the thread and I couldn't find a definite number for that.
3. How many timing drop is acceptable during WOT? Obviously I will try to minimize that, but is one or two timing drops with 3-4 deg for each drop still acceptable?