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hey op there are alot of fan bois here. i too had a fucked up experience with burger motorsport single cone intake, the cone and its pipe is to short for the IS model and it broke lose. I sent terry emails and pics, he first tried to blame the install on me off the bat and a bunch of crap. I said screw him he can keep the money and bought one from cpe who stands behind their products and have a lifetime warranty, they even verified the faulty design of the intake. The forum is supposed to be honest to keep fellow members from buying inferior products and dealing with unfair practices of vendors. So if you have a negative comment about a vendor, his disciples rebuke you or you get banned if he is a gold sponsor.
I agree, I shit on the JB4 in a previous post and a bunch of folks slammed me for my negative review of the product. The JB4 is cool for the money, but I happened to like the Cobb AP much more, you would have thought I kicked their dogs and beat their children.
I happen to like the BMS wheel spacers and the DCI that I currently have on my car, and I want to do angel eyes so now I am going to review all my options when choosing an LED conversion. I will say as much as I am not a fan of the JB4, the burger folks are very responsive to emails. You will always get a response the same day. They are good, honest folks even if I think some of their stuff is kind of cheap.