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Originally Posted by King mode View Post

In my business if you say your going do do something and don't deliver what you say
when you say, no one will do business with you in the future. The customer doesn't care if someone "stole" your test fit pipes or your busy with other things, or your shop burned down, or your town had an earthquake, or whatever the excuse may be. Find another "supplier" to build the pipes, or do it yourself, or hire a reputable welder. Get the job done or don't do it at all and don't ever mislead your potential customers (these were said to be ready how long ago?). No one wants to hear
endless excuses of why something simple can't be delivered on time.

Sorry for the lesson of how to run a successful business but this is basic
business 101.

I'm honestly not trying to be a jerk with this post, it just needs to be said.
Your comment clearly comes from somebody who doesn't have a clue what goes on when you run your own business. I'm not defending Tiago, I have AR Dp's, but your comments just make you sound completely ignorant. I'm in business, and one of my businesses is dedicated to fabrication, and NOTHING goes as planned. Half of the fun, is dealing with challenges that arise during the fabrication, manufacturing and distribution process. I don't think you realize that nobody wants these DP's to be ready more than Tiago not just from a reputation standpoint, but also to recoup capital he has vested in this project. I would sooner see a company take a little longer and complete their due-diligence ensuring a product was as perfect as possible, than pulling a Microsoft and have to make continued fixes over the next year.

Although you might be frustrated with the 'continued-wait', nobody is keeping you from heading online and buying a set of DP's from a competitor. Stop complaining like a child who rants but doesn't actually do anything about it. If you are truly unsatisfied with the progress and delivery time, than go somewhere else because a lost sale is truly a sign of an upset customer.

I'm not trying to attack you, but its always easier to play Monday-morning quarterback and complain.