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Josh, Milos and I were at Pocono today. The beginner group is one big train but the other groups (I'm in intermediate) are fine. The track, ehhhh, I probably won't come back here but I wanted to try something new. Lap times are so short but the track is fun. Not that fun, but you can enjoy yourself.

Only the first session was dry, the weather turned miserable fast; it was windy and raining not hard but steady up to the last session with temps right about 50*F. This was actually my first time running in the rain, ever. I ran with the R comps ... they held better than I expected, but some caution was required.

Tomorrow looks like a washout, heavy rain with temps in the 40s so I am just going to use my PSS.

Edit: Hey Peter I am not in this event -

The other ones with my name are correct.
Pocono 101:

- There's a 99% chance of rain, regardless of season
- They'll tell you the morning fog is normal, seriously. Most of my first AM sessions there have either been blackflagged because the flaggers cannot see each other or ran completely under yellow due to heavy rain.
- The only remotely-interesting configurations are the full oval or a minimum of 2 main straights connected by a banked turn (no double-infield crap or North course only).
- 1 day a year at Pocono is more than enough.

I bet next year there'll be that one day where Pocono is the only event that fits in your calendar and you'll say screw it, better this than not going to the track at all. At least that's how I justify Pocono events for the last few years.