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Originally Posted by King mode View Post
I own and operate a commercial brokerage business. Of course nothing goes as planned, the company who deals with those issues efficiently and effectively wins future business. I must be jaded as many of my clients are fortune 500 companies and there are real consequences to not delivering. You know, breach of contract and lawsuits. But alas, we are talking about some metal pipes that go on a car for fun.

Don't worry, i could care less if you are attacking me or not. If no one voices complaint, nothing changes. Good luck with your fabrication business and I hope these pipes become successful for vrsf. After all, competition is good for the consumer.
Breech of contract would only exist if there was an exchange of money for a good, which in this case would be the downpipes. I don't believe Tiago or VRSF took money or a deposit with the promise of delivering the Downpipes in a certain duration of time, so your reference to any lawsuit or consequence really doesn't apply. Selling commercial properties is very different than fabricating a product from design to delivery and there are numerous factors that come into play when estimating a completion date. I'll agree that 9 months to complete a set of downpipes is pushing the envelope of a reasonable time frame, but who says this is the only project they are trying to develop, or the most important for that matter. I don't understand what bashing him or the company accomplishes for you.

You speak about an industry you know nothing about. You should stick to selling your properties.