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I had a very similar problem a couple of months ago. Similar codes, symptoms, everything. I spent weeks and hundreds of dollars throwing parts at it and getting shops to look at it to no avail. Over time it became apparent that bumps, especially sharp ones like speed bumps triggered the phenomenon. I looked for loose ground bolts and sure enough, one of the bolts (there are 2) that grounds the coils through brown wires into the top of the valve cover had stripped threads and was bouncing out of place when I drove over bumps or sometimes on its own and this would shut the engine off completely or cause it to misfire. Evidently this confuses the s*** out of the DME because the codes I got were sometimes totally unrelated and disappeared when I fixes the problem. My advice is follow the grounds before throwing parts. I spent several hundred over a long time trying to fix a problem caused by a bolt that cost me $0.57 at lowes.