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Makkan00, what a great sticky on coding, I had know idea there is that many member in the UK that can code.
I think I will be in the same position as Parapaul (post originator). Do you think adding a DSP (jl cleansweep) to a coded system will bring further benefits as mob17 suggest.
Mob17: have you added DSP to a coded system? If so can you identify the benefits because I have the DSP but I'm now think of coding as well.

I know a harness will simplify the fitting but will the harness need to be different if I code to hifi or leave as base and add a DSP. And how much do harnesses typically cost.
I have thought about making a harness but cannot find any wiring diagrams for a BMW 335D E90 2007, does anyone have these details

Sorry for the long post.