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I went to see these jokers nearly 5years ago to look at an m3 that was in "really good condition" 60k on the clock iirc had been on there website at least a week.
Turned up and it was dead no body anywhere was wondering around the car for 15 mins before a bloke came out with his coffee/tea and a ginger nut biscuit, while dunking he came straight out with "you can't take it for a test drive a part in the diffs gone and the paddles don't work, but we are waiting for the parts" that all made sense as the rear tires were both passed the wear indicators
He then unlocked it and invited me get in, I opened the door and felt it drag on the sill and then drop, stuck my head in to find the drivers seat had a tear in side and bottom bolster. I promptly closed the door and said "its not for me" he replied with "you won't find one cheaper with the miles and paddles" my reply "your probably right, but at least it will drive off the forecourt"
As I'm walking back to my car I hear him say to another chap watching us leaning on the door frame of the office, also drinking a hot beverage, " another time waster. Any more biscuits"?
So I've warned anyone who's ever said they want a bmw not to go there