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Originally Posted by mikeysix View Post
Belter of a motor Jon! Id probably say its the perfect combination, I'm a sucker for cinnamon leather too! I bet the engine is bang on the money! Roof down, 6 cylinders, sun out headin north of the deen! Happy days, enjoy it mate.
Cheers, already covered a good few miles with the top down. What with the heated seats and a very efficient climate control system, you don't feel the cold. OK, it get's a bit draughty, but I'm getting a flip-up wind deflector and that will make a significant difference.
With all the toys this car has, I can't understand why the previous owner didn't order one when originally configuring the car. Bought separately and even with my 15% discount, it's still going to cost 330 for a bit of folding plastic/nylon mesh - mind you, that's peanuts when compared to what I saved on the car.