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Originally Posted by myzmak View Post
i've heard negative things about the like them i assume?
I do, but I think it all depends on what qualities your looking for. I'm a RWD guy(always have been), so my largest concern is that I will have traction in the worst scenarios. I'm perfectly happy sacrificing noise (for example) in exchange for not getting stuck at the middle of a hill in traffic during an ice storm.

If you had to list your priorities...
-tread wear
-road noise (dry)
-road noise (wet)
-handling (dry)
-handling (wet)
-traction (snow)
-traction (ice) what order would they fall?

You'll almost inevitably be happier with most winter performance tires than with all-seasons (if that's what youre coming from) as long as road noise and tread wear aren't your top priorities.

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