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Originally Posted by Quebequer View Post
Try 95, then 100. Ifyou max out, you will need the back end flash bms offers.
Originally Posted by spool twice View Post
You may want to try to set Future Use A to a value of 2, then adjust OL setting to 95, do 3 WOT runs, then log on the 4th run. If it still maxes out, you may want to try 100 and try it over again. If it still maxed out, you'll need:

1) go down to an E30 mix
2) get a BMS back-end flash to correct fuel trims

Thanks lot for ther advice guys! REally appreciate it.

Now one question before i go out and log.
Should i input these values without setting FUA=2?Which would make Open loop manual and not auto.
Or just input them while its still on auto adjusting open loop..

I rather come down on the E85 mix then get the BMS flash. Sorta pricey, since i dont run E85 all the time.