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Let's please try to differentiate between Islam, and Muslims
They are not one and the same
The fact that some people are idiots, should not reflect badly on a religion
The violence that started due to this movie, is not justified by the religion

And the first mistake you are all doing, is looking at the islamic countries with western eyes
You can't do that
What seems normal here, isn't normal globally
That's partially western imperialist thinking
That we are so much better than them
You're not, and neither are they
Different parts of the world have different rules, systems
Doesn't mean they are wrong.
and it doesn't mean your right either

I'm lucky that I'm Muslim,and I've lived abroad half of my life
So I understand both sides

I just don't understand why it's so hard for Americans to fathom that Muslims hold god, and Mohammed in such high esteem.
It's a foreign thing for Americans.
heck I get offended when its something that reflect badly on Jesus
I was recently at a Madonna concert, and I didn't like the fact that she used the cross with the letters M D N A on it
That's a religious sign, and should be held in respect
Not used for personal financial gain

As for the whole freedom of speech thing
That's just BS
I'm not saying I don't believe in freedom of speech, I do
But freedom of speech does not mean you say whatever you want
In most countries in Europe, if you say the holocaust never happened, you'd go straight to jail
Do I have the freedom of speech to call a black guy the N word?
Because freedom of speech is not the same as being able to say anything to anyone, anytime. Thats not freedom, that's anarchy

The reaction to the movie was wrong
But so was the whole, we should never say sorry, and this is our freedom of speech
Your freedom ends when it encroaches on someone else's freedoms
I just wish before people judge Islam. That they'd read up on it
Somewhere other than fox news
And if anyone thinks Islam is a violent region, I have some interesting quotes from the bible that show christianity has the same thing.
No religion is perfect, and furthermore it's the people who follow it that really mess it up