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Phantom Mirror Issue Will Not Go Away!

Hello everyone,
I have had this dilemma on my hands for some time now on my E90. The stupid drivers side mirror automatically movies its self each time i unlock my doors and i have to push it back in place manually every time before i get in to my car. I have searched the forums and found the DYI on cleaning the connectors on the motor which i have done and it has not fixed the issue. I took the motor completely out and it was still causing it so the motor/pins are not the issue for me.

Honestly i am so fed up with this problem i just want to disconnect the power mirror feature all together. I want to keep the mirror defrost and dimming mirror features but i am ready to cut what ever wires need to be cut to stop the mirror from doing this because i am sick of having to push the mirror back in to place each time before i get in to my car. Please see picture below, does any one know which wire(s) i need to cut in order to disable the power/folding mirror feature? I dont want to spend any money fixing this at the dealer so i am hoping someone can assist.

In fact im not sure if even this will fix the issue, i have no idea what it is. Hoping to get some help here. Thanks in advance.