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Originally Posted by WTLetu View Post
Lately with the arrival of all these new sporty cars, I've been feeling a little down with my E90 328i. I guess you could say that I'm not as excited about it as I used to be.

It used to be unimportant to me whether my car was an automatic transmission or manual, but now I feel a craving for a manual transmission. Not only that, you guys know that the this 328i won't gain as much performance with aftermarket parts unless I spend some serious cash, which I don't have because I am a full-time student. So far I've only spent money on an axle-back exhaust and window tints.

I kind of want to spend a little money on the exterior cosmetic look, but then again what's the point if it's an automatic with a noticeable lag in acceleration, mismatching with the looks?

I guess I want to ask you other automatic 328i owners on how you enjoy your car on a daily basis. Is it worth sprucing up the looks even though it's an automatic? How do you mod your 328i and is it worth it? Or do you guys think my priorities are out of line, and that I should wait for the future to buy a car more to my liking?
I know what you are going through, I had a 09 E90 328i for 3 years. After about a year of ownership I was looking for more performance, so I purchased and installed the BMS power box. It cost me less than $300 new, you could find one in the classified section for about half of that. Itís one of those things you could feel safe buying used as there is really no way to directly abuse it. The adjustable throttle re-mapping made the 328i feel like a completely different car, the 90% re-mapping selection removed the entire throttle lag. There are 7 different map selections to choose from, all adjustable from the driverís seat in seconds. I even had the car in for multiple service and warranty visits to the dealer, including re-programming the E90 software without issue.