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RFT replacement for '08 3-series sedan w/ sport package

After 35.7k miles (!) - rear tires still OK - on Bridgestones Potenza 050A RFT it was time for a new set. I decided to stick w/ RFTs, did not want Bridgestones but had a problem selecting replacement. My reasons - better tread wear & better reviews than those for 050As RFTs. I did not see too many options out there. It came down Michelin Pilot Sport or Pirelli P ZERO and after tons of research (including this forum) I chose Pirelli P ZERO tires. Off the bat improvement is noticeable but I'm writing this only after 50 miles! Steering seems to be more 'fluid' and that concerns me. However, I have already executed first evasive maneuver and the vehicle went in the direction I pointed it as though it was glued to the road. I wonder what experience others have had w/ Pirelli P ZEROs. Also, I know it is summer tire but what about driving thru occasional patch of snow during spring ski run up to Tahoe? Let me know what you think.
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