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Originally Posted by rylak
I really hate my front plate and didn't want to use bumper plugs (UGLY)... Also, I did not want to just simply fill them and touch it up because there will be an obvious color difference. Therefore, I took a more aggressive approach toward filling them:

I was really expecting 2 holes, but I guess my dealership and the previous owner's dealership both decided to put holes at different locations... (4 total).. Also the mount has been on SOOO long... there is a rectangular surrounding the area.

Materials you need:
40 or 80 grit sandpaper
600 grit sandpaper
1500 grit sandpaper
Base Coat
Clear Coat
Any type of filler (I used Bondo Body filler and Bondo Spot Putty)

The four holes...

Close up:

Using 80 grit sandpaper, sanded the ones that obnoxiously sticks out. And then used 600 grit. I also sanded everything around the holes with 1500 grit sandpaper so it blends the clear coat better.

Filled with Bondo Body Filler initially, then finished off with Spot Putty for minor imperfections.. sanded with 600 grit

Primed, 1st Coat

Primed, 3 coats and sanded down with 600 grit sandpaper (Think I could've done this better, but O Well)

First Coat of Base Color

After 3-4 Coats of Base Color

After 3 Coats of Gloss Clear Coat

DONE! (not really, really should polish it so it blends more, but I'll do that later on)

Some of you might ask why I didnt post close up of final product... I did take a pic of it.. but its just a white picture...

Hope this helps everyone that wants to get rid of bumper holes but refuse to use ugly bumper plugs!
WOW, man that looks great

awesome DYI man I'm deffintly going to do this cause I don't want though bumper plugs either.

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