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Gratz on your new car!

I'm in the same boat as you so here would be my (money is not an issue list of upgrades as you stated) of course money is an issue which is why I don't drive a Ferrari FF

Ok in no particular order

1. Ultra light weight forged 18inch rims
2. Some super sports maybe 245 in the front 275 in back
3. Complete suspension overhaul, strut bar, etc etc
4. Light weight recaro seats up front (sport stock ones weigh like 70 pounds each I'm guessing)
5. Supersprint headers
6. Laptorr exhaust
7. AA tune off road option
8. 3.2 stroker kit
9. Performance intake combined with euro intake (money haha)
10. Some scoops upfront
11. Carbon fiber hood and trunk
12. Rear seat delete with anti roll bars (if serious)
13. Light weight battery
14. LSD
15. Light weight lugnuts
16. Performance driving school
17. BBK
18. 6sp manual upgrade short throw with performance clutch

And probably other stuff I am forgetting, but that would be my ultimate list. At least 340 HP, it would kill any lightly modded 335i, and maybe a stock M3 on the track (maybe).

With enough money any car will be fast, I plan on doing a couple of these things, but most of all I just want this car to last until 2015 lots of awesome cars coming out that year!!!!

Good luck with your car!

PS Id love to see the Saab race 30-70 against all the cars on the list I bet it would win in second gear haha sorry big Saab fan

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