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With those priorities (and considering you have an AWD) my suspicion is that you will opt for the Michelins (or maybe the Dunlops). If you haven't already, check out the tire rack survey results as they show where the strengths are of the different options...

With my car putting down 420+ lb/ft of torque to only the rears (tune), I opt for the Blizzak LM-60s because they tend to be the best when I need them to be (times where traction would otherwise be tough to find). I had the 335d out in complete ice last year as well as light powder and slush, and didn't have any issues even when stopping on steep inclines. I think if I had an AWD vehicle, I may opt for the Michelin PILOT Alpins (note: not the Primacy Alpins which are completely different tires), but I'm pretty faithful to the Blizzaks because they've kept me safe (and let me have a ton of fun doing it) year over year, car after car.

When it comes down to it, you should be good with any of the tires you listed. Personally, I just like the extra assurance in case I hit that random bit of black ice around a turn or need to brake/accelerate suddenly in a safety situation. FWIW, the evo and STI guys I know run Blizzaks, too (they like to make sure that they will never get passed or outmaneuvered in in inclement weather). They won't be as sporty as some of the other options in the dry, but the sidewalls are still pretty stiff (especially if you are running RFTs), so I think you would be fine.

Best of luck with your decision. Hopefully some others bearing experience with the tires on your list chime in. Have fun & stay safe out there!

EDIT: Sorry, I typed this before realizing that many of these tires do not offer 16" sizes. Not sure what kind of driving you do, but don't forget to look at the speed ratings. Good luck!

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