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Angel eyes driving me nuts help!

Hellow guys , I have an e90 sedan i bought 10 watt angel eye bullbs installed them after a month the left side fell out so dident bother me to much just ordered new ones fitted them went on vacation for a month came back after 2 weeks same shit again left side fell out again but its still shining but u can't see it rly like it has no power at all I checked evrything , my friend hang it on the computer maybe there was a problem somewhere els but everything is fine ... anyone has had this problem ? I don't rly wanne spend time and money to fix this left angel eye every month and they are not that cheap either ...

contacting the dealer where i bought them from tommorow cause checked the site and he doesn't sell them anymore so could be more to it ... i'll let you know when I found something

grtz zyce!