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Talking Active Autowerke n52 Exhaust Review

So far, this is exhaust has been on my car for two weeks. The exhaust is definitely best bang for the buck, since it provides a really good sound and Andrew at AA has confirmed that there is a power gain from stock. Also, the exhaust is 18lbs lighter than stock. I also want to point out that this exhaust does increase mpg, so all the other owners out there see if it's the same for you, 23.7mpg --->> 25.4mpg. Not to mention that I have been flooring it at lights and in the deck to hear the exhaust , so it probably gives even more than that. The only down fall is the drone around 2-2.5k rpm. Other than that, this is probably the best option if you don't want to drop 1k on the exhaust.
Medium Loud Exhaust
More Power
Better Mpg
18lbs Lighter
Drone around 2-2.5k rpm

Here's a quick comparison from stock:

Launch/Drive By/Pop Sound when coming to a stop