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Well last weekend I did my 3 monthly Swissvax treatment on the car by using their cleaner fluid and then applying some Blau-Weiss wax. I also cleaned the interior and all bits and pieces. One thing when I finalised that I noticed was missing was……clean wheels!

Well yesterday I got the low profile car jack out and pulled off all wheels and applied some Autoglm wheel cleaner to the rims and OMG - what a difference that stuff makes!!!! It only took a couple of minutes with a light scrub and they came up like brand new. I wash the face when I wash the car but never have got in behind and now they look mint. I applied a couple of layers of cheaper wax to keep the brake dust off and they all shiny now.

If you are bored one weekend because there is no AFL on anymore do yourself a favour and buy a bottle of Autogym wheel cleaner (20% off at Repco at the minute), commandeer your wife's best kitchen scrubbing brush and clean the inside of your rims - you will be amazed at how much better the car looks. I was completely stuffed at the end of it because of the hard labour (I fly a desk during the week) but well worth the effort.

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