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Originally Posted by Potty_Pants View Post
"It's always cheaper..." The logic behind this is sound, however bmw and quite a few other luxury cars have $$$ bills compared to other "regular" type cars. Even maintenance is expensive. When the bmw breaks its going to cost a fortune, and it breaks often. this doesnt include the maint.

Please man enjoy your car, i did !

but dont be mislead thinking its cheaper to own a bmw then to buy a new car. FWIW, i sold my bmw for 20k bought a hyundai for 40k and financing 20k. i have a 10 yr warranty (extended). I was looking at 3000 worth of maint over the next 12 months, so this would knock the price down to 17k OOP. 17K for 10 years with almost nothing to pay for besides tires... I'll bite.

the twin turbo Straight 6 is a beast, with a "basic tune" its in the 4 sec range 0-60.

anyways feel the water over the next few years , dont fret over buying it !

While yes, buying a new Hyundai is cheaper than maintaining a BMW, but that is the literal expression of "Comparing Apples to Oranges." Its cheaper to maintain a BMW than to buy a NEW BMW <=== emphasis on the BMW part. Just like it will be cheaper to maintain your hyundai than to buy a new one.
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