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Unresponsive Gas Gauge after Digital Speed Coding

I just got into this and for my first code i wanted to try something easy... the digital speedometer. The coding went well, no errors (date and time cleared which i assume is normal). When it was done i had digital speed on my BC menu... but now my gas gauge always points to zero. I tried to resort my previous coding for the module (kombi) using a backup of the TRC file, again coding went well, digital speed was removed but my gauge still wont work. It would return to normal position for a split second while the coding was occurring and then returns back to zero.

The only thing strange i noticed was the display showed either KM or KM/h for a split second during my attempt to add the digital speed. Could this be because when installing the files I chose the UK group instead of USA (i followed the instructions)?

Has anyone seen this or know how to fix it??? Thanks in advance for the help.
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