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Thanks for the answer. I like this kind of info

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Yes, you can request certain letter and number combinations AFTER the city code. BA = Bamberg. (HH = Hamburg, and so on...) So, you would always have to have a BA but the rest is up to you IF that combination is "free" or available at the German DMV (Kfz-Zulassungsstelle).

Red tags are dealer tags over here (in above pic)

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And the "H" at the end of the tag, stands for "Historic". Cars with and H, are exempt from emissions testing and have to be at least 25 years old. They can also be driven into inner cities that are part of the "Umweltzone" system.

In most large cities in Germany only (new) cars which have a green "badge" are allowed to be driven into "smog" pollution areas. First they allowed all cars, now only cars with a green decal (1993 M.Y. (cars with cats) and up for gasoline powered cars and 2004-ish for diesel powered cars (with DPF, diesel particle filters)) may drive in the green areas.