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That sounds darn near ideal! The extra step of flipping to aux doesn't really bother me at all - I pretty much leave the headunit on aux all the time anyway. As for wheel controls, you said you don't mind the parrot remote at all, right? My impression was that, since it has call/end/playpause/skip forward/skip back it's actually a bit more useful than the built-in controls anyway. With both on there, the only redundant buttons are the call buttons on the wheel. So whatever.

One final question: You say it includes another line in and USB - does the USB connector work with iPods? My biggest gripe with the 6FL option in my car is that iPods only work with the silly damn Y cable.

In the end, if I get the coding to work out (which at this point is a personal vendetta that only costs me time), the BT retrofit in my car will only cost the $50 for the mic (2.4ghz antennas are cheap, I'll ignore cabling cost since I need to get a spool of shielded twisted pair anyway). So I think I'm going to try to finish it and see how it is. But the MKi9100 seems like a compelling, good solution.

Thanks for the detailed experience notes!