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Originally Posted by GRIP View Post
they normally do 5-6 runs, and you can pay an extra $20 for Double Entry (so 10-12 runs total), and if we finish early enough they usually stay for fun runs. The Delta events usually run a lot smoother than the Cenla events.
This makes it so much better x10. One of my issues with the ATL SCCA region was a large chunk of the field was out there to do one thing, win and go home. So this means tough guys in their prepped cars were yelling/directing/screaming at first timers, people who didn't know the usual procedures and people simply not rushed to get their time. I have no issues with timed competition, but the atmosphere was always tense, rushed and flat out rude and 4 runs was the max. BMW events were quite the opposite.

Now are you the director of the event or a volunteer? I am very interested in the "finish early" so we can get more runs, or stay late haha. I use to work for a company called Xtreme Measures and we'd always open up the 3 courses at the beginning and end of each day for instructors and ride alongs until people were ready to leave. Is this a definite possibility?

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