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i contemplated not posting this thread because, lets face it, this is the OT. But it's really nice to seem some genuine posts in a sea of smack talk. I appreciate it.

Now, I will not be responsible for any compulsory or premeditated action pertaining to puppy purchase, rescue, adoption, ect.... View attached pics AT YOUR OWN RISK!

This is Bosley. He's 8 weeks 3 days old in these pics.

My wife is out of town so i have him at work with me. He slept for 3.5 hours after we got here.....

Funny, i had gone, got my camera and had laid down to get a pic of him sleeping. he woke up on the first click, walked over to me and laid down like this. Started snoring in about 20 seconds. Haven't loaded up any pics from the SLR yet, so please excuse the image quality (or lack of) in these pics.

EDIT: Almost forgot..... click below for video AKA cutopia. haha


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