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Originally Posted by ilirduka335xi View Post
lol maybe ill see you there if i go then, all i have to do is put 5 gallons of e85 and leave it on map 5 and nothing else ?
Seriously, I'm not trying to be harsh but you should read your own thread. I told you exactly what you needed to do. There is a way that that map 5 adjusts. Go back and read what I wrote and you'll probably be good. All cars respond differently.

What firmware are you running on your JB4? Is it the most updated one? If not and depending on what firmware you have, the E85 may not give you the performance gains that everyone else is getting. The latest firmware is geared toward E85 tuning.

Even if you decide to just dump 5-6 gallons (as others suggested) you should still follow what I wrote on page one.

Good luck