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Originally Posted by cmyk View Post
Taking my car in tomorrow morning for the last dealer service before warranty expires (time's up on 10/25 with 43k miles). Here's a list of what I'm going to ask for. Any input on things I might be forgetting?

- check cooling system (got 2 low coolant warnings last week. Probably a leak somewhere).
- wiper blades and cabin air filter
- will try to get spark plugs but not sure if they'll do it before 45k
- noticed some minor brake noise so will try to get new pads
- door lock actuators (not broken but one is making a bit of noise occasionally in cold weather)
- check battery
- cigarette lighter doesn't work/doesn't charge phone (not a fuse and I've taken the center console apart. no idea why it doesn't work).
- diagnosis of some minor squeaks and rattles that aren't really a problem but why not?

Anything else anyone can think of?

I will likely be taking the car in with full mods this time (minus Cobb in case they need to program something). No fucks given at this point. This will be the last time the dealership sees my car.
tell them you see oil on ground when you get home so they will look over car for any type of oil leak.

front end feels loose. mayb you will get new thrust rod bushings out of it.

there is a noise going over speed bumps... might get sway bar bushings.