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Originally Posted by alzieboy View Post
Thanks for the reply, after spending best part of the morning backward and forward with Admiral insurance, they have agreed for me to have a genuine BMW screen fitted by National windscreens, if the screen cannot be repaired which from past experience I doubt it can.

Thanks guys
If a new (OEM) screen is what you were after, this is good news for you. Is the car less than three years-old?

Plus, I'm curious about the repair; any chance you could post an image of it? Not saying this is the case here, but there's an accepted view on repairs (or what can be repaired) which I'm curious to see if this falls into that category. There's almost a misconception on what a good repair is, or what can (or cannot) be repaired.

I have seen many cases of perfectly repairable screens which have been replaced when the damage could (and should) have been repaired.

People who have had a repair have been surprised at what a good repair really looks like in comparison.