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Originally Posted by VNeBLOB42 View Post
Well, if you don't completely stop before you go, it doesn't work. Once you hit performance/ 0-60 then it will say stop the vehicle before moving. Or if you are already stopped you should be fine. And concourse pull through 60 and let the COBB read your results, no need to stop the COBB.

But I am sure that's not the problem? Have you updated the firmware recently? Was told the latest update a few days ago was a glitch. If so go back to the previous version and try again

Also, I am not sure, but maybe metric to standard could be an issue?
Thanks for your response...

Well I tried different firmware already. And yes I was stopped at 0. The only time when it worked was when I reached the speed in normal driving not going WOT.
Did you tried that feature did it worked? What is your ROM?