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Originally Posted by Phil325i View Post
Fair enough. It worked for me, I had about an inch of 'dead' travel in my throttle pedal before I did the re-learn.

Have you thought about one of these?
The throttle reset does help in my opinion, but as I say, only to a point and for a short while - the E46 reset process is at least fairly quick compared the the E90. I just find that when I compare the nature of the throttle and engine behaviour, my car tends to have a fair amount of engine braking off throttle, and then quite lumpy and jerky when feeding the power back on, more so in many cases if you try and feed the power as smoothly and gently as possible - sometimes it wants a bit more of a firm and direct input of throttle from off throttle. Whereas my friend's 330i or for that matter my Wife's 320i, the engine braking is not as fierce and reapplying throttle is completely smooth without the slightest roughness.

With regards to the throttle re-mappers, I have been trying out the BMS Powerbox for a few months now and for me it mostly just makes matters worse, so for quite some time now I have been running it disabled in map 0. Affectively all it is doing when activated is aggravating the inherent jerkiness, and for me, makes the throttle feel a bit less predicable most of the time. Primarily spent time trying out maps 2 (not too bad) and 3 (jerky from off throttle).

Ideally this car should be smooth and refined from stock in the first place - but this is specifically why I want to hear from E46 to E90 owners for their experiences...
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