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Well, been "gone" for a while but just did some more upgrades to the car recently and I just now downloaded all of the 402 maps (to include E30 and race). I have 100 octane pump available but I know race says 100+ and I would have a hard time actually getting a full tank of just 100 octane. I do think there is an E85 pump around here somewhere too. It looks like the E30 map might more power than the 100 octane race map? It would definitely be cheaper to blend E85 with 93 octane but I didn't know our fuel system would be able to handle it? I am FBO and completely catless. I guess, should I run the E30 map and just try to run about 1/2 E85 with 1/2 93 or should I get 100 octane and add some E85 to it and run the race map?

I know I could get a custom tune later, but I want to try something today I may go dyno this week as well to see what kinds of improvements everything makes. My new wheels are about 10 lbs. lighter than stock (and still 18's). My last dyno on aggressive + FMIC (302) was 387 rwhp and 423 rwtq on the stock wheels.