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Originally Posted by ZhengHai View Post
I did do my own install. Even if you slide the notch on the strut into the grove of the hub/knuckle... does it mean it doesnt automatically seat correctly?? Doesnt the grove stop half way down so the notch sits in that grove?? I hope i'm making sense and we are on the same page.
Yeah this is hard to explain. True for Konis not sure about your V1's. The bottom inside of the cup/receptacle in the hub-knuckle is rounded along the edge inwards (female cupped). The outside bottom of the shock/strut is shape matched (male version) about 3 inches up. When you slide the shock all the way down these two surfaces match up and it is not possible to push the strut down any further. That ends up with approx 3" of lower shock protruding out from the bottom of the cup.

Said another way the lower end of the strut tube has two diameters. One is the main body, then that is rounded off to a slightly smaller diameter about 3" from the end. That transition between two diameters fits inside the exact same shape inside the bottom edge of the cup.

Also there are two nubs on the strut, lined up vertically, that fit into the gap in the cup/knuckle clamp that will align the strut the right way so the sway bar tab is oriented properly. These nubs go pretty far down inside the slot before the strut is in position, but they make it hard to twist the strut to get it to go all the way in. Esp with new paint on the strut.