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Originally Posted by EBangtson View Post
So I have had no real issues with my stock 335i sedan with sport option. I have 2,000 miles left on Warranty and then my CPO begins. I have just ordered the BMS OCC, CAI, LUX v5.2 AE and COBB AP. I do have the start of a wastegate noise and my dealer has me scheduled for several days in Nov to install winter tires and deal with the rattle. I just had spark plugs and oil change last week. I am scheduled at VS in Illinois the week after I should get my car back in November for Walnut Blasting ( great price special there ) and I am having them do my installs as I am useless under a hood. So my original plan was to just leave everything stock and the COBB in the box until after dealer visit and cleaning/installs at VS.

After reading Jeff's post about a tune showing what areas might be weak in our cars, I am wondering if I should leave my bolt on mods as planned for later....but go ahead and flash with the COBB to just the 93 octane, stock everything else tune. My reasoning is that if I start "showing a weakness" somewhere, I can get that dealt with at the dealer under my warranty or CPO when they do my wastegate/turbos and not after I pay to add my mods only to have to remove them for CPO work. I would simply uninstall the COBB before my November appointment and get them to address the issues. Is this a sound plan? Thanks
Depending on the relationship with your SA, can really determine which mods you should leave on.

the best answer, don't do any. The COBB you will be fine because you can uninstall completely before going in for CPO work and or warranty work.. I strongly recommend waiting till after they resolved any WG or Turbo work.

then add some modes. DCI or a drop in you will be fine. COBB S1 Aggressive I would highly recommend at least a drop in filter and or your CAI.

as for everything else sounds like you are on the right track. I really don't think you will have any issues with misfires, especially after, new SP & Walnut Blasting. But it appears one of my coils are bad on just 52k, so you really can't rule that out.

If you are prone to high outside air temps, I would recommend a FMIC as one of your first mods. You will maintain consistent low Charge Air Temps (90 - 120)(depending on outside air temps and FMIC core size) thus, you will be less prone to pull timing. But then again winter is coming around. EDIT and you are in Michigan.

Enjoy your COBB AP Tune, I am sure you will love it!

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