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Lets here it. I installed everything in my car and its ready to go. Getting it coded next week, if there is something new that I need to know before hand I would appreciate it.
Ok, I'll text him and get him to respond.

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attached is a PDF which i found which is one of the clearer tutorials on add/changing VO. the guide is for E60 but the steps are the same. the only difference is that E90 stores the VO information in CAS and FRM/NFRM modules whereas E60 stores in CAS and another different module.
follow the guide through all 20 steps first.
then in the instructions which says code to the 2nd control unit, press F1 and select the FRM/NFRM modules and do the FA_WRITE coding job.

this will complete the VO adding portion of the retrofit.

after this is done, you need to change the ECU to 2RAD (radio professional) and change the job to SG_CODIEREN and code the radio. this will inform the radio of the VO change and display the bluetooth option on the radio. at this point, you can try to pair your phone and try to make calls. the bluetooth ID of the car is "BMWxxxxx" where "xxxxx" is the last 5 numbers of your VIN.
if you do not see this bluetooth ID and sees something else like "handsfree", then the radio coding did not work properly.

in this case, exit NCSExpert and launch it again this time using revtor's profile. THIS IS NOT A RECOMMENDED WORK AROUND BY CODING EXPERTS but it may solve the problem so you can choose not to do this if you do not feel comfortable with this. go through the steps in the tutorial but skip the adding VO portion (steps 8 to 13). select the 2RAD ecu and click on F4 or the button which says "Read ECU". this will download the current information of the radio module into a file named "FSW_PSW.TRC". copy this file and save it to a safe place as backup. open the FSW_PSW.TRC file with notepad and delete ALL the information inside. then select file>save as and save the blank file as "FSW_PSW.MAN". this essentially creates a blank MAN file for coding. then change the coding job to SG_CODIEREN and run the job to code the radio
Thanks for the info!
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