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2008 335i e92 Poor Mpg

I have 2008 335i e92 100% stock, 65000 miles on it, no check engine or any lights in dash for that matter. Always filled up with chevron 91, and have done all maintenance on it. Ever since I bought it I would get 19-21 with aggressive driving. On the other hand driving like a gramma would get me an amazing 23-25 mpg. Now all of a sudden I've been getting 12.5-13.5 mpg combined. I get 205-215 Miles from a full tank of gas. Has anyone experienced this. I would expect this gas mileage with a 2008 m3 but not a 335i. Any help much appreciated before I take it in to BMW to have them take a look at it. Btw I have checked tire pressure on all tires manually (I don't trust TPMS).